Bill Stant

If anyone had told me 25 or thirty years ago that I would work in insurance and financial services and that I would one day be an experienced life and health insurance agent, I would have laughed out loud. My father was in the business. And he always wanted one of his sons to come into the business with him.

But I always regarded what Dad did for a living with a great deal of suspicion. Now that I’ve been in the business for 23 years, I’m even more suspicious. That’s because I’ve discovered so many ways people get insurance wrong. People buy the wrong type of coverage. Or they buy coverage they don’t need. Or they buy the right type of policy, but with too much or too little coverage.

I take an advisory and fiduciary approach to insurance sales. What does this mean for you? First, I insist on independence. I represent several insurance companies instead of one. Second, I try to find the least costly option that is suitable for your needs. Third is transparency. I always disclose what’s in it for me. Commission-earning insurance sales have a built-in conflict of interest.

For example, one insurance policy may be identical to another. Both will do the job for you. But one pays me more in commission than the other pays. I believe you should know that before you decide to buy. A fiduciary agent always puts your interests first, starting with disclosing and then managing conflicts of interest.

If you think there might be a fit between my services and your needs you can schedule a consultation by phone, (812) 988-6793, by email, [email protected], or by using the Request a Consultation page on this website. Thanks!

www.BillStantinsurance.com is the web site of L. B. Stant and Associates, a Sole Proprietorship based in Nashville, Indiana.

The late Louis B. Stant started doing business under the name L. B. Stant and Associates in 1980. After he passed away in 1996 his son Bill picked up where he left off. Since 1996 Bill has focused on delivering independent commonsense risk management solutions to individuals, families, nonprofits and small businesses in the areas of long-term care, life, health, and disability insurance. Services are available in person, online, or on the telephone at (812) 988-6793.